Tawnie Logan Chair of the Board

 Chair of the Board, California Growers Association, Sonoma County Growers Alliance

A Sonoma County native, Tawnie has been active in organic and sustainable agriculture including cannabis farming for over 15 years. Her commitment to the environment and to providing local cannabis operators with the tools for success in a regulated market inspired the founding of the Sonoma County Growers Alliance in 2015.

Tawnie has dedicated the past two years to supporting local and state regulators in developing effective policy through industry education and advocacy. She has presented at numerous cannabis conferences from California to Canada; across industry groups from Chambers of Commerce and the Sustainable North Bay to the Farm Bureau and more.

Today her primary work is focused on advancing the professional landscape of cannabis businesses in Sonoma County through collaborative efforts with local, regional and statewide organizations. From economic development to preserving natural resources, Tawnie’s commitment to congruous industry growth with local culture is representative of the principle values in the Sonoma County Growers Alliance.