The mission of the Sonoma County Growers Alliance is to collaborate with and educate businesses, individuals, government and regulatory bodies in the cannabis industry. We believe in developing and preserving the highest environmental, social and economic standards to ensure cannabis businesses participate within our community and thrive responsibly.

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As a member of SCGA, you will make a difference. You will help shape the future of cannabis in Sonoma County.  Whether you are a legacy operator, new to, or considering joining the industry, your voice is vital to the future of the cannabis industry in Sonoma County.  Join today and lets make a difference!

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What are SCGA's Priorities for 2022 and beyond?

    • Sonoma County to recognize cannabis as agriculture in the County's General Plan
    • Lower the cultivation taxes
    • Allow for vested cannabis permits that run with the land
    • Staff to embark on the development of a full comprehensive environmental impact report that is broad in scope and based on a program that defines cannabis as agriculture at the local, state and federal levels akin to hemp and other field and row crops.
    • Allow distribution in AG zones
    • Allow on-farm light manufacturing
    • Develop regulations that allow for Type-7 manufacturing in AG zones
    • Allow delivery-only retail
    • Allow consumption lounges
    • Allow farm stands and direct-to-consumer sales on a property where a cannabis permit has been issued provided that the applicable state licenses have been obtained.
    • Develop trigger language that will allow issuance of a permit or other authorization for cannabis direct to consumer sales so one can submit a state license application once the state develops regulatory language for their licensure.
    • Revisit the county’s current cap on dispensaries
    • Allow small scale cultivation on appropriate AR + RR parcels over 10 acres
    • Reduce the 10 acre minimum parcel size for small-scale operations
    • Revisit the canopy cap for indoor cultivation on industrial parcels
    • Revisit the outdoor cultivation cap in agricultural zones
    • Prioritize and protect small legacy farmers
    • Push for the County to re-establish the Board of Supervisors’ Cannabis Ad Hoc Committee, or a Cannabis Standing Committee, to deal specifically with cannabis-related issues.
    • Sonoma County to hire or appoint a dedicated Cannabis Program Manager, who would coordinate with the various departments involved and serve as a liaison between the county and the public.
    • Push for the County to have cannabis-specific planners in Permit Sonoma to review cannabis permit applications. With the fires and other permit issues, the cannabis permits have created a major backlog with some applicants waiting four years now for a determination.  Cannabis permit fees sufficiently cover dedicated planning staff, and more permit applications would be filed if the process was more efficient. 
    • Engage with the community to establish a successful Cannabis Equity Program specific to Sonoma County to help local operators who’ve been disproportionately harmed by the war on drugs, from prohibition or overregulation. Enforcement without opportunity is a failed paradigm.
    • Direct staff to inform and assist existing permit holders with the CEQA process for state licensing.

SCGA is a Regional Partner with Origins Council

There's strength in numbers!  Our collective voice with our regional partners at Trinity County Agriculture Alliance; Mendocino Cannabis Alliance; Nevada County Growers Alliance; and Big Sur Farmers Association is making a difference in Sacramento and beyond. SCGA Members are invited to join Monthly Origins Council Member calls to engage with the government affairs team.

We are working hard, and depend on our members for support. Please, consider joining SCGA today!

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