SC Labs

SC Labs is a national leader in the field of cannabis science. Founded in 2010, we are one of the first institutions to promote cannabis safety through education, testing, and certification.

At SC Labs, we encourage consumer confidence through state of the art cannabis testing and analysis. For us, transparency is paramount. We strongly believe that patients, caregivers, and providers are entitled to accurate labelling of their medicine. Our testing methods are the product of rigorous peer review and are consistent with FDA, ELAP, and EPA guidelines.

SC Labs is committed to the development of industry-wide safety and quality control standards. As the medical marijuana industry continues to transform, precise labelling and healthy cultivation practices are key. Third party certification not only boosts consumer confidence, but also encourages widespread improvements in safety management and contaminant control.

Quality control is a common good. As members of the cannabis community, we have a shared interest in guaranteeing the safety and quality of our products. Many cannabis providers have already made significant strides to ensure transparency; however, more can be done. At SC Labs, we aim to continue our support for the cannabis community by providing a lab-based metric for quality assurance.