Justice Grown

Our Mission

We provide high quality cannabis products at affordable prices
We provide safe, legal access to cannabis products
We implement sustainable farming methodologies
We never use synthetic pesticides
We work to undo the damage done by cannabis prohibition through action and charitable giving
We strive to foster an ethical and equity based company culture
Restorative justice is at the core of our mission

Justice Grown was founded in 2014 by civil rights attorneys in Chicago, IL.

Our founders have spent their careers fighting for the rights of the wrongly convicted. The work of their civil rights law firm, Loevy & Loevy aptly represents the values of our cannabis company.

Our company is made up of multiple professionals from other industries and alumni from some of the cannabis industry’s most influential and impactful brands.

Justice Grown holds multiple licenses across 6 states, including California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Missouri, and Utah. We are continuing to expand our reach and are increasing our contribution to the communities we serve.