Biologic Systems

Biologic Crop Solutions is an organic farm and garden supply that supports all types of regenerative agriculture.     We believe that soil is our most precious resource and support SCGA and all efforts to increase accessibility to living soil and the nourishment, healing, and livelihood that it brings.
For over a decade, Biologic Crop Solutions has been working with farmers to build regenerative systems that     increase soil fertility and nutrient cycling. BCS provides in-depth consultation and refined product sourcing- to maximize nutrient density and bioactivity of your soil. BCS is pleased to offer the Biologic Systems product line (including worm castings, alaskan humus, fish hydrolysate, humates, fertilizers, compost tea brewers- BioBrewers, and BioExtractor Bags) in addition to a complete array of pure, organic amendments, fertilizers, beneficial microbial inoculants, biologic pest & disease control, compost tea brewing equipment and tea input materials. Our products establish and maintain a diverse soil food web, allowing plants to repel pests, resist disease, and increase crop quality & terpine development.
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