Sonoma County Growers Alliance Executive is Elected Chair of Statewide Cannabis Coalition

SANTA ROSA, Calif., Feb. 1, 2017- The Sonoma County Growers Alliance (SCGA) is pleased to announce that Executive Director, Tawnie Logan, has been appointed as the board chair for the statewide cannabis lobbying organization California Growers Association (CGA). The announcement was made at the ‘CGA Envision 2026’ conference in Sacramento. Logan will continue to serve as SCGA’s executive director.

Logan was nominated by outgoing CGA Chair, Casey O’Neill, of Humboldt County.  O’Neill will continue to serve as the vice chair to enable him to spend more time on his farm but still remain active in CGA activities.

Upon accepting the nomination, Logan thanked O’Neill for his selfless leadership and the community for their courage and continued support, “In this transition year of rapid and often difficult change, it is truly an honor and great responsibility to serve our statewide community. My focus will be on maintaining our core values while we navigate the challenges and achieve victories together.”

Hezekiah Allen, CGA’s executive director applauded the nomination, “I’ve come to know Tawnie over the years as a thorough, dedicated and tireless champion for our complex and diverse cannabis community, we are excited to have her on the team.”

The next CA Growers Alliance meeting will be in Sacramento on March 28 and 29. The next Sonoma County Growers Alliance members meeting will be on April 3 in Santa Rosa.

About Logan:
For 15 years, Tawnie has been active in organic and sustainable agriculture, including the cannabis industry. Her commitment to expanding the education and implementation of best management practices for the environment and the community led her to found the Sonoma County Growers Alliance.

Tawnie has traveled throughout California and the United States educating cultivators, large and small, on responsible and successful growing practices.  She is a frequent speaker on local as well as national and international panels, advising a wide array of industries on new regulations and BMPs. She has presented at  Elevated Cannabis Conference, Sustainable Enterprise Conference,  Lift Expo Vancouver,  New West Summit, Women Grow, Santa Rosa Chamber, National Appraisal Institute, REACO, Farm Bureau, Windsor City Council, and California Growers Association.

About CGA:
Formed in 2015 to protect and promote growers and independent businesses within California’s cannabis industry, CGA works actively on the frontline of monumental policy decisions being made.

About SCGA:
Sonoma County Growers Alliance is a community group organized to educate, collaborate and advocate for patient, cultivator and community rights and responsibilities.  SCGA works cooperatively with all individuals, businesses, and regulatory bodies to ensure that reasonable environmental, social and economic standards are set in place, helping cultivators within the community to participate and thrive responsibly.