A Message From Executive Director, Tawnie Logan


Three years ago, big changes were at California’s door, signaled by legalization in Colorado and Washington.

SCGA was founded with the intention of unifying the cannabis community through education and representation while working to preserve our core values in the face of rapid change.  Once legislation passed in 2015, we set out to ensure that Sonoma County operators would have access to the regulated marketplace.

That intention was no small feat; many of you know I had to lay down my shovel, and take my hands out of the dirt to focus on shaping policy for our future.  Together, in just two short years, we went from being self-regulated underground producers and operators to the most watched and anticipated businesses in the country.

That said, my calling of civic duty inspired an ambitious workload: establishing a nonprofit, engaging with local operators, and producing events all while working on complex policy issues both locally and in the capital.  It’s been a beautiful journey, and I’m so grateful to the many volunteers, staff and leaders who have showed up for the cause and helped us keep pace with the accelerated rate necessary to meet state and local deadlines.

It’s time for me to pass the proverbial torch, and get back to my roots. While I am stepping aside  as executive director, I am excited to transition to Chair of the Board for SCGA.

I’m pleased to announce that Sonoma-based Sustaining Technologies, the company that manages GoLocal, and has been a key contributor to insightful cannabis policy and economic development, will be helping manage the expansion of SCGA and recruiting the next torch holder.

Don’t think I’m leaving you!  I will continue to represent our community as Chair of the Board for the California Growers Association.

If you have not already, I invite you to learn more about some of SCGA’s new board of directors — I look forward to working with them as we continue making thoughtful efforts to advance our community.

I’m so delighted to see so many who had previously been in the shadows, come forward proudly, and be treated fairly.

In solidarity,

Tawnie Logan