Gratitude for our Volunteers and Supporters

The Sonoma County Growers Alliance recently celebrated its 2nd full year of operations — advocating, educating and collaborating with regional government and the cannabis community to support balanced commercial cannabis policies. SCGA has made incredible progress and established a significant presence in the community. Over the past two years, there have been many individuals, board members, volunteers, staff and a growing membership who have put in the time and kept the focus necessary to solidify SCGA’s place and carry out its mission.

The Alliance has laid the foundation of commercial cannabis advocacy and is expanding its service as your local trade association in the changing industry landscape surrounding us.

SCGA has made its mark as a group that works with, and for, our local community,  continuing this work, driven by the ethos that is so intrinsic to Sonoma’s culture and businesses.

As organizations grow and change, so do the volunteers and staff. SCGA pauses to give thanks for the people who have contributed to the mission of the organization and wants to recognize Tacoma Vaught and Bryan Cooper for their visionary contributions in 2015 and Arthur Deicke, Larry Shaffer, and Samuel Edwards for their past service. Additionally, Jolene Strange, an invaluable leader, has had to step away from her board position due to the phenomenal workload helping local operators secure their permits; SCGA hopes to see her back when she is able. May they each find success in their business endeavors ahead!

The Alliance is excited to announce the appointments of David Scott and Noah Andrus to the Board of Directors of SCGA. David is a cottage cultivator and founder of Sonoma’s Finest.  Noah has been spearheading sponsorship for SCGA since 2016 and is also a manager for Guayaki in Sebastopol, he brings years of experience working with cultivators and cannabis professionals.

Sonoma County Growers Alliance continues to expand with a dedicated staff and team of board members and volunteers  — making a difference by furthering SCGA’s mission to provide accessible pathways to the regulated market for the thousands of existing operators that live in our community and provide an essential contribution to the local economy and cultural heritage.

SCGA pledges to continue to:

  • Engage the elected representatives of Sonoma County and its nine city governments.
  • Host networking events for strengthening local economic resilience.
  • Provide cannabis business development tools and resources.
  • Keep members informed, represented and at the table in the unfolding regulatory environment.
  • Facilitate information and representation from SCGA’s strong partnership with the California Growers Association.
  • Be diligent and persistent in representation at the local level for cannabis-friendly rules and laws.

The Alliance is grateful to have your support, and looks forward to a bright future with you at our sides.