CGA Update On Governor’s Trailer Bill

From Hezekiah Allen:

Yesterday, I attended a short briefing in the State Capitol. Staff from the Assembly, the Senate and the Administration presented the recently amended budget trailer bill. The presentation was succinct and elegant. Discussion was minimal.

The trailer bill includes a license for delivery services. It establishes a Cannabis Cooperative Association. It creates a new, temporary license for events. It adds language that makes it unlawful to monopolize any part of the trade or commerce related to cannabis. It expands the scope of the appellations so artisan manufacturers can enjoy the benefits and varietals can be recognized and protected.

We have removed our opposition and offered support. You can read our statement here.

We have been advocating for some of these priorities (like delivery and coops) for nearly 3 years. I can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment when reviewing the progress we have made. There is really only one thing to say: thank you! Our success in advocating for these positive changes is directly built on the engaged and active community we represent. I am truly grateful to you for making all of this possible. Good things happen when we work together.

Please contribute today to help sustain our success.

There is a lot of work left to do. Loosening the distribution requirements will help some, but it will do little to help the thousands of small businesses that are working hard to secure a single license. We must do more to ensure cottage, specialty and small producers can get their goods to market. We need to reduce barriers for artisan product makers by allowing businesses to share kitchen space. We have work to do on tax rates and exemptions for patients. We must stay focused on ensuring that California puts community first in cannabis and incentivizes businesses to conserve natural resources and act as stewards of our watersheds.

First, we have to get this trailer bill to the governors desk. You can show your support here.

In addition to the trailer bill, the comment period for the proposed regulations is coming to a close in the next few days. Our “regulatory affairs sub-committee” has been meeting every week since April reviewing and discussing and our comments are nearly finalized. Get the details on comment deadlines and review our draft comments by clicking here. I’ll be updating this page often over the next few days so check back often.

Our July board meeting and policy summit has been scheduled for July 10. We are building the agenda now, please email me if you have ideas for agenda items. Sponsorship opportunities are available if you want to get some valuable exposure for your brand or service. The event is open to all members. I encourage you to join today if you’d like to attend.

With love and gratitude,

Hezekiah D. Allen