CGA 4/17/17 Update: Checks & Balances

Prepared by CGA Executive Director, Hezekiah Allen:

Yesterday, the New York Times ran an article that provides a glimpse into one possible future. The takeaway message: the next few months will be a defining time for regulated cannabis in California.

This article provides perfect context for the ongoing debate surrounding the governors proposed trailer bill. While we support much of what is in the trailer bill, we have serious concerns about the impact that unlimited vertical integration will have on the marketplace.

Allowing businesses to own mega grows and retail chains with no limitations will erode the level playing field that we have all been working so hard to protect; changes to distribution are a step in the right direction but don’t go far enough to help cottage, specialty and small producers.

The governor’s proposal will now go to the legislature for deliberation. Early indicators are that lawmakers are not supportive. Changes will be made.

This week our policy committee will continue to review and discuss the proposal. One thing is clear: as written, we cannot support the trailer bill. Amendments must be made before we can get behind it.

It is up to us to ensure those changes will include provisions to limit consolidation and curb industrialization. I will email you after our policy committee tomorrow morning. At that point I will have a much better sense of what you can do. Every one of us will need to make phone calls, send emails, sign letters and petitions and contribute time, energy and/or money. Your actions and contributions will help to determine the future of California Cannabis. Are you ready?