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The North Coast of California is one of the most beautiful and unique places on Earth. Sheltered by magnificent coastal mountains, historically abundant water resources, renowned salmon runs, and the largest trees on the planet, the North Coast has some of California’s last undeveloped forests and undammed rivers. It is a sanctuary for rare and endangered species and independent thinkers alike.

WHY THIS GUIDE? This guide is designed to help North Coast residents take an active stewardship role in caring for their land and the common resources that are the wellspring of our communities. The guide outlines best management practices, or BMPs, for rural farming with an emphasis on cannabis cultivation. BMPs have a proven track record of protecting water, soil, land value, sensitive habitats and endangered species. By practicing BMPs, you have the power to make an immediate difference to an important ecological resource, your own backyard!

WHAT ARE BMPS? BMPs are practical ideas to help you manage your land, protect water resources and improve the value of your property. BMPs are also frequently required by regulators to ensure that land development and maintenance do not negatively impact water quality and quantity.

BMPs can help you:

■■ Create a plan for your property to bring out its best qualities.

■■ Enhance stream flow and support aquatic life.

■■ Protect groundwater quality and quantity.

■■ Save money, soil, water, fertilizer and effort.

■■ Improve safety for people and wildlife.

■■ Improve your product and enhance marketing.

■■ Navigate the pathway to permitting and regulatory compliance.

WHO MIGHT USE THIS GUIDE? Anyone! While this guide has been developed with small to medium–sized cannabis cultivation in mind, the principles in this book apply to all backyard farms and can be adapted for any garden or agricultural producer.

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