Did you hear that all scales used for commercial cannabis measurement must meet strict standards for accuracy set by the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Division of Measurement Standards?  Scales must be issued either a Certificate of Conformance or a Certificate of Approval before being used for commercial measurement. 

The Division of Measurement Standards recommends a Class II scale for use by medical cannabis cultivators, which is ten times more accurate that the scales used in most retail food stores.  To ensure accuracy, all scales will have to be inspected by either a State or county inspector. 

Your local county Agricultural Commissioner’s Weights and Measures Office can help to make sure that the scale you purchase is state approved and appropriate for your business needs.  DMS has also prepared a booklet regarding Weights and Measures Regulations for the Cannabis Industry and a Buying Scales Fact Sheet.  They warn to use extreme caution if you plan on buying a scale online.  For more information visit the DMS website

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