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Sonoma County Growers Alliance works cooperatively with all individuals, businesses and regulatory bodies to ensure that reasonable environmental, social, and economic standards are set in place, helping cultivators within the community participate and thrive responsibly.

Historically, Sonoma County cultivators have worked together to develop creative solutions.  Exercising discretion and sensitivity, SCGA embraces this legacy by working hand-in-hand with cultivators, legislators, scientists, service providers, health professionals, patients, and citizens.  By unifying, cultivators can gain strength and establish trust as they increase their ability to influence the changes occurring now, and those that will present themselves in the future.

Our membership includes:

  • Local Cannabis Operators - cultivators, extractors, infused food makers, delivery services, trimmers, processing & packaging, lab testers, distributors, transporters and dispensaries;
  • Service Providers -  accountants, consultants, marketing, investors, health practitioners, educators and legal advisors;
  • Local Businesses - licensed contractors, farm supply, hydro stores, soil companies, and staffing services.

Join us in this opportunity and be a part of creating an inclusive and economically sound future for Sonoma County.

This level of membership is best suited for established community members who want to strengthen the work we do and be actively involved with SCGA.
This membership level is best for active individuals and small businesses that want to ensure a strong future for the cannabis industry.
This base membership level is for allies and individuals who want to enter the cannabis industry or who are taking a first step to learn more.
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