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Riverside Wellness Collective (15025 River Road, Guerneville, CA 95466)
Biologic Systems (4020 Santa Rosa Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95407)
Peace in Medicine (6771 Sebastopol Avenue, Sebastopol, CA 95472)
Organicann (301 E Todd Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95407)
Mercy Wellness of Cotati (7950 Redwood Dr Unit 8, Cotati, CA 94931)

The schedule, topics and panelists list can be found below.

Cultivating Community / Panel Descriptions

9:00am: MEMBERS ONLY – Morning Meet and Greet with Fiona Ma SCGA members are invited to arrive early for coffee, networking, and a special presentation by Fiona Ma before the event opens to the public. Members, please RSVP HERE. 9:30am: MEMBERS ONLY – Keynote by Fiona Ma

Fiona Ma is a Certified Public Tax Accountant and currently serves as the Chair of the California State Board of Equalization. She was elected to the State Board of Equalization in 2014, and represents 9.5 million constituents.

As one of the two Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) to ever have served on the Board, Ma understands the challenges that businesses and taxpayers face today.

Prior to serving on the State Board of Equalization, Ma served as a California State Assemblywoman from 2006 to 2012. She was the 112th woman to ever be elected to the State Legislature and the first Asian American woman to serve as Speaker pro Tempore of the California State Assembly.

10am (main stage): Opening presentation

Tawnie Logan, Executive Director, Sonoma County Growers Alliance

Ruby Steinbrecher, Chair of Sonoma County Growers Alliance Board of Directors; Attorney

Alexander Carpenter, Independent Research Grower, General Trans-Disciplinary Cannabis Subject-Matter Expertise

Local Policy Overview 2016 / 10:30 am / Main Stage

Local officials from Sonoma County & City of Santa Rosa will review the progress that has been made over the last year to implement the regulations of the MCRSA. Discussing what has been learned, the timetable for future updates to local policy and how can people stay involved.


Tawnie Logan (moderator), Executive Director, Sonoma County Growers Alliance

Gary Wysocky, Council Member, City of Santa Rosa

David Guhin, Director, Planning and Economic Development, City of Santa Rosa

Efren Carrillo, Sonoma County Supervisor, 5th District

Code Compliant Cultivation / 11:30 am / Track A

Representatives from state agencies and local experts will review new regulations pertaining to cannabis cultivation and discuss the steps necessary for cultivators to prepare for 2017 local permit applications and for 2018 state license application preparation.

Tom Hicks (moderator), Attorney, Tom Hicks Law
George Farnsworth, Associate Director, Pesticide Programs Division, California Department of Pesticide Regulation
Tony Linegar, Sonoma County Ag Commissioner
William Gould
, Chairman, California Ag Labor Relations Board
Art Deicke, Director, Environmental Pollution Solutions LLC
Amber Morris, Branch Chief, Medical Cannabis Cultivation Program


Cannabis and Public Health / 11:30 am / Track B

Standards, Laboratory Regulations and Safety Considerations: panel discussion will explore the regulatory structure with regard to lab testing and manufacturing. Overview of MCRSA mandate to protect public health and safety.

Jonathan Cachat, PhD.(moderator), President and CEO, Fleurish Farms
Jeff Hergenrather, Founding Member, Society of Cannabis Clinicians
Martin Lee, Author, Co-founder, Project CBD
David Chen, Head Analyst, Sonoma Lab Works

12:30pm: Catered Lunch / Keynote: Susan Gorin

Organic lunch sponsored by Care By Design

Lunch Keynote, Susan Gorin, Sonoma County Supervisor, 1st District

Special presentation by Dennis Hunter, Founder, Care By Design.


Clean Cultivation and Third Party Certification / 1:30 pm / Track A

Panelists will discuss the development of standards for cultivation best management practices and the options for independent analysis and certification of cultivation practices that meet the standards.


Sam Edwards (moderator), Executive Director, Sonoma Cannabis Co, MBC.  President, Affinity Brand Management, Inc.
Jonathan Valdman, The Cannabis Conservancy, Forever Flowering Greenhouses
Chris van Hook, Founder/Director, Clean Green Certified
John Chandler, VP Cultivation Technologies, Urban-Gro
Alec Dixon, Co-founder/Director of Client Relations, SC Labs
Jonathan Cachat, PhD.President and CEO, Fleurish Farms

Business Development: From Nonprofit to Commercial / 1:30 pm / Track B

Panelists will offer insights into the legal and accounting transition over the next 18 months from nonprofit entities to commercial business structures and practices.


Ruby Steinbrecher (moderator), Chair, Sonoma County Growers Alliance Board of Directors, Attorney

Melissa Sanchez, Attorney, Harvest Law
Hank Levy, CPA, Founder Hank Levy Group
Julie Mercer-Ingram, Attorney, Beck Law
Tim Ricard, Program Manager, Sonoma County Economic Development Board

MCRSA and Prop 64 / 2:30 pm / Main Stage

Expect a robust discussion as panelists explore the relationship between MCRSA regulations and Prop 64’s proposed adult use initiative. Reviewing what changes communities can expect and how local government will need to prepare.


Alex Zavell (moderator), Senior Regulatory Analyst, Robert A. Raich, P.C.
Hezekiah Allen, Executive Director, California Growers Association
Amanda Reiman, Manager, Marijuana Law and Policy, Drug Policy Alliance
Jamie Kerr, Executive Director, 530 Edibles, Policy Director California Growers Association
Maximillian Mikalonis, Senior Legislative Aide at California State Assembly
Sarah Shrader, Sonoma County Chair, Americans for Safe Access, Public Policy Expert, SF State Legalization Taskforce


Compliant Commercial Entities / 3:30 pm / Track B

Experts in safety, insurance and employee issues will discuss the non-cannabis related codes with which businesses need to comply.


Jamie Kerr (moderator), Cannais Industry Professional/Consultant
Brian Elliott, Fire and Emergency Services Consulting, Canna Code Compliance
Carlos Campos, Founder, Chasm Consulting
Alex Zavell, Senior Regulatory Analyst, Robert A. Raich, P.C.

Bridging Outlets: Understanding Distribution, Track and Trace / 4 pm / Main Stage

Panelists will discuss the development of the distributer model contained in the MCRSA. How this affects the dispensary model. New developments in logistics of how cannabis will be tracked from farm to patient.


Hezekiah Allen (moderator), Executive Director, California Growers Association
Alex Spelman, Business Development Director, SICPA
Felipe Recalde, Co-founder Rise, Inc.
Ryan Bush
, Director of Business Development, Meadow
Jessica Lilga, Founder, Alta Supply
Lauren Fraser, Co-founderRVR
Pranav Sood, Founder, Trellis Inc


Preparing Sonoma County for Success / 5:00 pm / Main Stage

A dynamic discussion of how Sonoma County businesses can work collaboratively to ensure successful integration of the cannabis industry into the Sonoma County business climate.


Tawnie Logan (moderator), Executive Director, Sonoma County Growers Alliance
Susan Gorin, Sonoma County Supervisor, 1st District
Bill Silver, Dean, School of Business and Economics, Sonoma State University
Terry Garrett, Sonoma County GO LOCAL
Sam Edwards, Executive Director, Sonoma Cannabis Co, MBC.  President, Affinity Brand Management, Inc.



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