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From the Sonoma County Cannabis Program: The County is currently in the process of updating the Cannabis Ordinance. Based on guidance from the Board, staff is working on amendments to align the Cannabis Ordinance with latest state laws, respond to feedback from the community and build on the lessons learned through the first 10 months of permitting.

These updates will be in two Parts. Part 1 has a limited scope and is focused on bringing forward amendments related to alleviating neighborhood compatibility issues by requiring use permits on smaller rural properties and aligning with state law where appropriate.

Part 2 will include a more thorough review of neighborhood compatibility and other implementation efforts that require robust outreach and staff analysis.

2018 Ordinance Updates – Part One

Planning Commission-September 6, 2018 

Board of Supervisors-August 7, 2018

Planning Commission-June 28 & 7, 2018

2019 Ordinance Amendments – Part 2

Part 2 will include a more thorough review of neighborhood compatibility and other implementation efforts that require robust outreach and staff analysis and is scheduled to begin in fall 2018.

Sonoma County’s Cities: Cannabis Updates

Via Sonoma County: Cloverdale On January 26, 2016, the Cloverdale City Council passed an updated, comprehensive Medical Marijuana Cultivation ordinance. Additional information can be found on the Cloverdale Police Department website. Medical Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance and Information Cotati  In 2007, the Cotati City Council adopted an ordinance regulating medical marijuana dispensaries through a licensing program. Contact the City Manager’s Office for more information. City of Cotati Medical Marijuana Dispensary License Application  Healdsburg In 2007, the Healdsburg City Council adopted an ordinance prohibiting medical marijuana dispensaries from operating within the city limits.Then, in 2014, the Healdsburg City Council adopted an ordinance…

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County of Sonoma: Dirt to Dispensary Workshop series every Wednesday

County of Sonoma: Medical Cannabis Land Use Ordinance Dirt to Dispensary Workshop Series SIGN UP to receive the County of Sonoma Cannabis Updates! Sonoma County Cannabis Program Overview Wednesday, May 3, 3pm-5pm This kick-off workshop provided an overview of the Workshop Program, including the Cannabis Land Use Ordinance, Cannabis Health Ordinance, and Cannabis Business Tax Ordinance. The attached presentation includes considerations for cannabis businesses such as zoning, separation criteria, and operator criteria as well walk attendees through the permit process. The workshop will also include an introduction to business planning basics. Workshop #1 Overview Presentation Outdoor Cultivators: There are three…

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Summary of Recreational Marijuana Regulations by Jurisdiction

Courtesy City of Healdsburg* County of Sonoma The County of Sonoma regulates possession and cultivation of marijuana, and regulates the use of marijuana in its Zoning Code. The County Zoning Code, like many Zoning Codes, is permissive, which means that any use not allowed by the Code is not permitted. The County has guidelines that limit possession and cultivation 3 pounds of dried marijuana and 30 plants per patient, above the state limits of 8 ounces and 6 mature or 12 immature plants. State and County rules limit the area of cultivation to 100 square feet per patient. A limited number…

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AR/RR and Taxes: An Update from our Executive Director

The past 60 days have been the most tumultuous that our industry has seen in years. This past week, I know many of you have been questioning the future with the Supervisors’ vote to ban commercial cultivation in AR/RR zones, and with the confusion around the newly proposed tax measure. We are a tight community, and I’ve been feeling the general unrest and fears surface in the face of the unknown.  Which is why I wanted to write to you all personally; there are some silver linings, and there are steps that we can take moving forward. In regards to Ag Residential and Rural…

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Cloverdale: Passage of the Cannabis Tax Measure

Cloverdale will recognize the election of two new council members and passage of the Cannabis Tax Measure.  They are also adapting to 2016 California Building Standards Codes. “It is mandatory that each jurisdiction within the State of California including the City of Cloverdale implement the 2016 Building codes. In order to effectively accomplish this, each jurisdiction must adopt rules and requirements for administering these codes. ” A facet of that is 15.06.130 – Section R350 Limited Cultivation of Marijuana. Section R350 is added to read as follows: Limited cultivation of marijuana as only allowed in detached structures shall be considered…

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City of Windsor: Community Outreach Event on Adult Use

On Tuesday, December 6, 2016 6:00pm – 7:30pm, Windsor will host an educational community outreach meeting to engage residents on what the new Adult Use of Marijuana Act law means for the community, and to answer questions about the Town Council’s recent enactment of a moratorium, and potential next steps. Town officials, including Police Chief Carlos Basurto, Town Attorney Robin Donoghue, Community Development Director Ken MacNab and Town Manager Linda Kelly, will be present at the meeting to answer questions about the new law. Meeting location: Windsor Regional Library Community Forum Room, 9291 Old Redwood Hwy., Building 100, Windsor, CA.…

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